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TrailsWeb News - 2012-10-05 - Office Open on Fridays

Open on Friday???  What are you, some kind of legitimate business!!!?!?

TrailsWeb will be open on Fridays starting 10/12/2012.  Josh Whitman, the owner, spends forty hours each week on-site with the South Dakota State Government developing GIS related websites and software.  (GIS, Geographic Information Systems, basically means software and websites with maps on them.)  Josh will be putting in those forty hours between Monday and Thursday, and staffing the TrailsWeb office on Friday instead of Saturday.

You'll still be able to email and receive a response in less than a day, but for those people who prefer to call for help, you now have the option to talk with the owner during normal business hours.  Email support has worked out very well for 95% of our customers, but for some the option to call is important.

Incidentally, if you're looking for part-time programming work in the Pierre, SD area, we're still very much interested in hiring a programmer to work on Fridays.
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