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TrailsWeb LLC

TrailsWeb was created in 2002 by Josh Whitman to provide software and website development services.  During its 12 years in the sunshine, TrailsWeb became the largest creator of custom websites for small businesses in the Flagstaff, AZ area.  At it's peak, TrailsWeb was hosting almost 100 websites it had built from scratch for a broad variety of Arizona businesses.  Our website was a standalone site for describing the website services we offered.

In 2004, a felicitous series of events let to the release of Moneylender Express, a simple loan servicing program.  Originally priced at $35 per copy, people with a loan or two that needed something to help them track and manage it found and bought our little application.

About a year later, a piano sales company paid for a major rewrite to Moneylender Express.  When the rewrite was complete, the program was released as Moneylender Professional and the price was raised to $59.  Some major revisions to the internals of the program led to the release of Moneylender Professional 2.0.  The price was raised twice more over the next half decade to $99 and then $179.  Moneylender Professional took a foothold in the loan servicing industry and many lenders began to really lean on the software to manage their loans.

Work on Moneylender 3 began in 2007 with a complete rewrite of the program from scratch.  As a stopgap for some of the issues with the file system in Moneylender 2.0, Moneylender 2.0.1 was released in 2013 while development on Moneylender 3 continued.

TrailsWeb became the Whitman Technological Corporation when Josh Whitman moved to the Rochester, NY area in 2014.  Work on Moneylender 3 continued and after nearly a decade of development an Alpha trial version was released on Halloween of 2016.  The first release ofthe alpha version had a bug in part of the deployment process so clicking anything anywhere in the program would immediately crash the software.  The bug was fixed and customer feedback started to come in about trouble spots and calculation modes that hadn't been coded yet.  About six months later it was labeled as a Beta version and a few of the bravest customers started using it to actually service their loans.

Exactly one year after the alpha was released, Moneylender 3 was released as a production version on Halloween of 2017.  Over a decade in the making, the new version of the software is designed for enterprise level use.  Many new features were added to Moneylender 3, and the groundwork was laid for new features to be added.

TrailsWeb doesn't do any business anymore, except through Whitman Technological, but there are still some sites on the internet that we built and still look professional and modern even after all this time.  Proof that even with websites, quality and craftsmanship can stand the test of time.

To check out Moneylender Professional, and what's currently happening with our software, visit  For more of what's happening with Whitman Technological, check out

Moneylender Professional - Loan Servicing SoftwareWe're very lucky that our loan servicing program has grown into such a great system, and that it is being used across the globe to service hundreds of thousands of loans and billions of dollars (and euros and pounds and rupees and all kinds of other currencies).

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